Established in 1882, Gervasoni has always been as distinctive features of its products the attention to detail, the use of natural materials skilfully worked, the suggestions of places near and far.
Gervasoni, in fact, conveys a particular sensitivity that finds its best expression in the harmonious matching of elements that are almost always left in their natural colour, the materials of which are the result of the most refined of industrial productions. The attention paid to craftsmanship, the environment, the continuous research for new materials and combinations are all part of an ideal system that have set and supported the company’s choices.
Bamboo, seaweed fibre, rawhide, rattan, cement, Black walnut, but also aluminum, iron, ceramic, teak and stained glass, as well as precious and processed upholstery fabrics. All these traditional, exotic and technical materials are combined in simple shapes, embellished and differentiated as far as colour and mostly touch are concerned. The roughness and irregularity, but also the smoothness and shine are the aspects that form the skin of the projects, which has been designed with geometric shapes that blend in with various combinations of materials. In fact, the different sizes are able to interpret all the furnishing requirements possible. The design of the Gervasoni elements, even in the linearity and finesse that characterise the products, there is an ethnic hint that renders them particularly warm and welcoming.
Sustainability is a commitment that the company pursues in all phases of the production cycle. The commitment to the environment is recognized by several environmental certifications: our eco-chic choice.

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